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The window film is a composite material used for :
beautification of windows, sun blocking, security and privacy.
Sunblock - Zonwerende glasfolies Sunblock - Veiligheids / Inbraakvertragende glasfolies Sunblock - Privacy / Decoratie glasfolies

As the permanent sun blocking experts from the Netherlands, Sunblock offers users a range of glass films with a high transparency and enhanced protection.
Our professional installers mount these films on the inside surface of the glass.

The Sunblock window films have a basic warranty of 10 years, but in the past 20 years they have demonstrated a lifetime of at least 15 years.

The main functions of window film

Sunblock - Verhoogde sterkte
Increased strength
The films with a thickness of 100 and 200 microns are designed primarily to protect glasses from bullying.
The films with a thickness over 200 microns are intended to reduce the possibility of penetration to zero (even with the use of special devices: a hammer, an ax, a steel rod, etc.)

Sunblock - Veiligheid
The films, even with a small thickness will make glass stronger and safer. Broken glass does not splits into fragments, and remains on the film.

Sunblock - Isolatie
Films with a metal sputtering have the ability to reflect infrared light while avoiding overheating of the building in the hottest time and reduce the heat loss in the winter to 20-65%.

Sunblock - Zonwering
Solar protection
Solar radiation is not safe. Ultraviolet - it is part of the solar spectrum, which causes burns, and if excessive exposure can cause serious illnesses. Ultraviolet rays are the main cause of burnout furniture, carpets, wallpaper and items displayed in shop windows. Film filters out up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, and ultraviolet rays are successfully absorbed not only by reflecting but also by the transparent films.

Sunblock - Beperking van uitbreiding van brand
Obstruction of fire spread
Glass with film opposes the destruction much longer, and thus prevents the flow of oxygen in the room needed for the combustion process. Localized in such a way fire causes of course much less damage. Despite the fact that it is difficult to break the glass with the film from the outside, if necessary (while evacuating from the burning building) it is quite easy to break it from within.

Sunblock - Informatiebeveiliging
Information security
Information security is based on the ability of a film with a metal sputtering to weaken or to reflect the microwave radiation. Achieved attenuation reduces the distance of the possible interception of information up to 10-100 times.

Sunblock - Eenzijdige zichtbaarheid
One-sided visibility
Thanks to the mirroring properties of the certain films there can be achieve an effect of the one-sided visibility. This preserves the free viewing through the glass from the inside, almost completely eliminating the possibility of observing from the outside.

Sunblock - Verhoogte waarde van het gebouw
Increase the value of the buildingw
Combining architectural and protective films of various colors and degrees of light, it is possible to realize the most ambitious design ideas and to make the appearance of any building or interior space very stylish and functional.