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Protective windowfilms

Sunblock - Veiligheidsglasfolie
"Every year there are more than 500,000 burglaries committed in the Netherlands.
That means one of every twenty houses.
In most cases, access to house was provided through a window..."

The installation of our strong adhesive safety film creates an impregnable barrier for burglars, looters and vandals!
Thanks to modern technology nowadays we have a strong material, which mounted on the glass makes it up to 18 times stronger!

Sunblock • Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

Sunblock is the authorized distributor of the burglary slowing (Security) Window Films.

In the Food Sector and related industries, there is a requirement to protect glasses against breakage or glass splinters.
By placing the Sunblock Safety window films you obtain the same effect as by the safety glass.
The great advantage of the Safety Window Films is that they can be mounted on the existing glazing.

Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

The installation of our strong adhesive safety film creates an impregnable barrier for burglars, looters and vandals!
Because the Window Films are very strong it will take too much time to break into inside.
An additional advantage is that the window film is transparent, both inside and outside views through the glass remain clear.

Thus these window films are perfect for:


It is also possible to mount these films in a combination with Solar Window Films.
So you mount just one film with two purposes:


The safety films are made of one or more transparent layers of tough polyester which provide binding fragments and strengthening of the glass.
These films are available in 2, 4, 7 or 12 mil.
We will assist you in your choice, depending on the requirements to the glass.
There are also available the anti-wantonness films which help your showcase not to be damaged by the scratches on the glass or application of an aerosol paint.

The Sunblock Safety Window Films meet the British Safety Standard 6206 A & B and DIN 52290 (12 mil).

Areas of Usage:

- ground floor of homes, office buildings and windows (burglar)
- schools and nurseries (no physical injury by broken glass)
- food industry (HACCP, prevention of loss)
- Petrochemical (explosion).

When and which Sunblock security films?

- 2 mil (50 microns) to hold together the shards of broken glass.
- 4 mil (100 micron) (BSS 6206 CLASS A) for holding together the glass fragments and glass to enhance the attempted burglary.
- 7mil (175 microns) (BSS 6206 CLASS B) to strengthen the glass, burglary is very slow.
- 12 mil (300 microns) DIN 52290 Class A1 for the strengthening of the glass against break, explosion and terrorist attacks.