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Solar window films

New buildings seem to be made exclusively of glass...
This has the advantage of a very clear view. But there are also disadvantages:

The same problems you will probably find in your house.
Sunblock has the solution:

Sunblock • Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

By mounting of this window films it is possible to reflect for a large part the heat and UV radiation, creating a better quality of life, while the view to the outside is not hindered.

As a side effect, the glare of sunlight on your computer display will be reduced creating a smoothing sensation for your eyes.
Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

Sunblock • Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

Besides the "normal" visible light the sun also emits ultraviolet light.
The UV light (ultraviolet radiation) was discovered in 1801 by Johann Wilhelm Ritter. Ultraviolet means "beyond the violet. UV radiation is the electromagnetic radiation just outside the part of the spectrum which is visible by human eye.

UV has some positive effects on humans. UV radiation produces in the skin vitamin D that is essential for proper bone formation.
Recent research indicates that vitamin D could work to inhibit the emergence of certain forms of cancer.

But ... Due to long exposure to UV radiation within a few hours occures burning of the skin and snow blindness.
In the long term the exposure to UV radiation accelerates aging of the skin and the occurrence of skin cancer.
Each year about 25.500 Dutch people get skin cancer, of whom about 650 die.
Exposure to UV radiation from the sun is probably the main cause ...

Over the past two decades the UV radiation across Europe is increased. In northwest Europe, including the Netherlands, the increase is the largest, with 10-11%. Main cause is the thinning of the ozone layer.

Zonwerende glasfolies • Solar window films • Sonnenschutzfolien •

Ultraviolet radiation affects not only the health of humans. UV radiation weakens and bleaches materials such as paints and plastics.

All Sunblock window films filter up to 99% of UV rays.
This protects you against the overdose of UV radiation and the sunlight does not cause the aging or discoloring of your stuff any more.

Sunblock Window Films are composed of a polyester films with one or more evaporated metal layers, which reflect the heat and light rays of the sun.
Depending on the number of metal particles per cm², more or less heat and / or sunlight will be reflected. These layers reflect up to 79% of the heat and up to 99% of the light, depending on the type of film.
Also there is a large number of film colors, depending on the type of evaporated metal.

We just name the benefits ones more:
- No maintenance
- No control
- Fast installation by professionals
- No vision obstruction from the inside
- Cheaper than conventional blinds
- Savings on energy costs

Are You still not convinced?
Please use the possibilities of a trial mounting!